Kenya Masai Mara 2015

I've just returned home after yet another Photo safari in Masai Mara, Kenya. This time we decided not to go in the middle of the migration in august/september but in the beginning of November. Well this turned to be a very good time to go. The majority of tourist were gone, it was a bit cheaper and best of all we had several nice opportunities to photograph young lions, cheetah and even leopard mom with a couple of month old cub. The very first day we went out we caught these two Lions mating. Below is a series of photos from flirting to the actual mating. The female may mate approximately every 15 minutes when she is in heat for three days and nights without sleeping, and sometimes with five different males.

This is another mom with a very young cub. Probably only 1-2 weeks old. The cubs are born blind and their eyes do not open until roughly a week after birth, which this little cub had just done.

This lonley Cheetah male were acting a bit strange and was making chirrup calls as if he was a female calling for his cubs. I thought is was a bit strange since the male Cheetah does not participate in the rearing of the cubs.

And finally a photo of our Tent camp.