Svalbard 2015

When I think about Svalbard I think of a very cold place far up in the artic with great landscape views and Polar Bears of course. Our journey started with 2 days in Longyearbyen, a place you really don't want to spend more than that. We took the scenic route north to Adventdalen and the south route to Bjørndalen. Adventdalen is a great place to watch for artic birds like, Red phalarope, King Ejder, Pink-footed goose, Barnacle goose, Snow bunting etc. If the timing is right you get a chance to see the Little Auk in great numbers in Bjørndalen as we did.


M/S Orgio Exepedition 2015

We spent a week on M/S Origo travelling up and down the west coast line. We got all the way up to 80° 27′ 00″ N

The beautiful landscape and glaciers was a truly highlight of the journey and of course to actually see a Polar Bear as we did in the Van Kuelenfjorden. A mom with two 1 1/2 year old cubs. We also saw Walross, Beared seal, ring seal and all kind of artic sea birds.


The journey was arranged by Rovdjursland Magnus Fredriksson and Bo Kristiansson with Jens Abild as guide (Arctic Adventures).  They all made this into a very memorable trip with a very professional arrangement.



M/S Orgio

Svalbard Landscape

Black-legged kittiwake

Glacier Ice