Kenya Masai Mara Safari 2018

I've just come home after yet another safari trip to Kenya Masai Mara. Below is a couple of shoots from the trip.

Paradise Plains

Male Lion doing the Flehmen response to see if the female is ready for mating.

Cheeta crossing Talek River

Serval Cat

African Buffel

We stayed at the Mara Eden Safari Camp. A simple but nice camp with great staff. The camp is situated perfectly. Just at the Mara River, which makes travel time very short where the action is.

Lepard coming out of from the bushes

Lion Pride waking up in morning light.

The Boss

Finland 2018

Here are some pictures from my last trip to to northern Finland in May. 5 days in different hides gave us some unique opportunities with bears. We had a lot of encounters with yearlings still with it's mother. It's great fun to watch these 1 1/2 year old cubs fight with each other, training for adulthood.

Bear on the bog in evening sunlight

Yearling trying to figure out who I am through the blind opening

Yearlings fighting

You bear drinking water in the spring heat

Yearling sparring on the bog

Yearling and it's mother

Curious bear trying to figuare out what our hides are

We had one opportunity with Wolverine which lasted for only a few minutes

Iceland photo trip part 1

It’s not easy to pack when going to Iceland in June due to rapid weather changes. So I decided to buy an extra check-in bag on the flight just so I could bring all types of clothes. This is a huge plus not worrying about the 23kg limit of one bag. I paid about $40 for extra baggage space. Now I just have to fit everything in one hard case bag and one duffel bag for our 2 weeks stay.

Here are some tips for planning a photographic trip to Iceland. Google is your friend. You can create your own map with markers for things you’d like to see and add comments. Go to and click on “Create A New Map”. There are a lot of apps both for iPhone and Android that can be useful. Here are some examples.

-        The Photographer's Ephemeris
-        AuroraNotifier+
-        Explore Iceland
-        Iceland Road Guide
-        Vedur (Weather app for Iceland)
-        112 Iceland (This is the official app for emergency service in Iceland)

Photo gear I will bring:

-        Nikon D4
-        Nikon D500
-        Nikon 600mm lens
-        Nikon 14-24mm lens
-        Nikon 24-120mm lens
-        Nikon 70-200mm lens
-        Lee Filters
-        Gitzo tripod
-        LensCoat Raincover
-        Battery, Charger & Memory cards
-        ThinkTank Shapeshifter
-        GuraGear Backpack