Finland 2015

Going back to Finland is always thrilling, and with an expectation of being able to see something new or experiencing something magic. This trip delivered on both parts. Going to Finland in September does not allow for many hours to photograph so you have to have luck in the small window you have. We leave the camp at around 4 pm. and the sun sets at 8 pm.

The pictures above is the biggest bear I've ever seen. My estimation is that he weighs somewhere between 300-350 kg. And he has name of course; "Brutus". Brutus dominates the area with his presence and pondus. This however doesn't prevent other bears coming into the area. In total we saw 6 individuals on this trip, including a mom with two yearling cubs. We also had a whole Wolverine family in the area with one yearling cub.

If you would like to visit Finland then I would recommend contacting Rovdjursland.

You can find more pictures from Finland by clicking here

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